CORREOS has signed an agreement with the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) to integrate fresh produce into their Correos Market online store.

Coming after a series of spectacular and confrontational protests from farmers unions on the profitability and sustainability of one of Spain’s most traditional professions, Spanish postal and retail giant, Correos is giving the workers their full backing in this new partnership.

Hundreds of tractors block a stretch of the A-45 towards Antequera yesterday (UPA)

The Correos Market, is an online retail store linked to the post office sector, and sells local, artisan and bespoke produce specific to local economies.

This new agreement, penned this week, aims to introduce non refrigerated, fresh foods onto the site for order and delivery.

Lorenzo Ramos, general secretary of UPA hailed the agreement as ‘very good news for those who are committed to short marketing channels.’

“We are committed to the sustainable agricultural sector and the rural environment of our country,” he added.

President of Correos, Juan Manuel Serrano Quintana co-signed the agreement whereby UPA affiliated producers will be first in line to advertise their produce on the Correos Market site, giving producers the advantages of cheaper shipping and exposure to thousands of new potential customers every day.

This latest lifeline comes after rural struggles have hit the headlines with farmers protesting across the region at seemingly ever increasing taxes and pressures on the agricultural communities.

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