NEW support of up to €2 million has been promised to the fire-hit Vall d’Ebo area of Alicante Province.

The pledge came on Tuesday in a meeting between 15 mayors from local municipalities and Alicante Provincial Council president, Carlos Mazon.

Fire destroyed 12,150 of land in the fire started by a lighting strike on August 13.

Mazon said that up to €1 million will be allocated to repair rural roads ravaged by the blaze.

A further €1 million will come from the Costa Blanca Tourist Board to promote cycling, gastronomy and environmental holidays.

He also talked about dealing with the long-running issue of depopulation in the rural area.

Mazon said his administration will also grant delays to the payment of taxes and urged the Valencian government to offer personal income tax breaks to affected farmers and ranchers.

He stressed that his body and the regional government should coordinate measures to make sure that ‘aid does not overlap’.

He called on Valencia to show ‘more sensitivity over financial issues’ to those affected by the Vall d’Ebo blaze.


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