THREE Da Vinci robotic surgery units will be opened in Valencian Community hospitals at a cost of €9 million.

They will be set up at Castellon General Hospital; Alicante’s Doctor Balmis Hospital; and Valencia’s La Fe Hospital.

The units will offer the prospect of better and faster surgical results for patients.

The Da Vinci system allows minimally invasive surgery where the surgeon uses a remote robot while sitting at a 3D console in the operating theatre.

The computerised system converts the surgeon’s hand movements into pulses that are channelled to the robotic arms.

The procedures cover the disciplines of Gynaecology, Traumatology, and Urology in addition to General Surgery.

Surgeons get a far greater freedom of movement compared to traditional laparoscopic procedures making it easier to perform sutures and tie them.

Patients suffer less blood loss and a reduced period of convalescence, meaning a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to normality.


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