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Regional body announces three-fold boost to forest fire prevention budget for Spain’s Alicante province

ALICANTE PROVINCIAL COUNCIL is handing out €1.4 million this year to municipalities to produce and execute forest fire prevention plans. It's a 290% budget rise...

Unique Terracotta army exhibition opens next week on Spain’s Costa Blanca

PIECES for a unique Alicante exhibition featuring China's Terracotta army have been unpacked and put ready for display at the city's MARQ archaeological museum. The...

Spain’s Costa Blanca announces push to get first-ever direct air link with United States

WORK has started on trying to establish the first direct air link between the United States and Alicante-Elche airport. Speaking at Madrid's Fitur tourist fair...

Fire-ravaged Vall d’Ebo area of Spain’s Alicante Province gets cash boost

NEW support of up to €2 million has been promised to the fire-hit Vall d'Ebo area of Alicante Province. The pledge came on Tuesday in...

Benidorm gets news of a record cash boost for Costa Blanca tourism in Spain

THE Costa Blanca Tourist Board will invest a record sum to help the COVID-hit sector in 2022. €5.3 million will be spent by the organisation...

Costa Blanca area lobbies Spanish ambassador to UK over changing 90-day stay rule for holidaying Brits

SPAIN'S ambassador to the UK has met with Alicante Provincial Council president, Carlos Mazon, about changing the new 90-day stay rule that affects British...

Benidorm mayor declares Costa Blanca tourism in Spain is ‘sunk’ due to new restrictions like night curfews

BENIDORM mayor, Toni Perez, has described new Valencian government restrictions to fight rising COVID-19 infections as a 'betrayal of the Costa Blanca tourism sector'. He...

Pandemic-hit Costa Blanca tourist and hospitality businesses in Spain get a €10 million cash handout

A €10 million aid package for Costa Blanca tourism has been unveiled by the Alicante Provincial Council. The initiative is called 'TEN' and will see...

Life of British expats on Spain’s Costa Blanca comes under focus in meetings with local mayors

POST-BREXIT life for UK residents on the Costa Blanca is being discussed in a series of meetings between mayors and the Alicante Provincial Council. The...




Brazilian legend Ronaldo, 47, marries third wife, model Celine Locks, 33, in modest Ibiza ceremony

THE low-key wedding of a struggling second division football club president in Ibiza turned more than a few heads over the weekend. But that’s not...


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