SUPERMARKETS across Spain are reporting shortages of some products as the strike by truck drivers continues.

Fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, fish and meat are not reaching supermarket shelves as a result of the haulier stoppage which began on Monday. 

Dairy products are among the most affected with dairies reporting that they have to throw away milk because it is being collected and taken to factories for processing.

Fishermen have also complained that fish and seafood is going to waste as it is not being transported to markets.

Meanwhile farmers have warned of the impact on meat supply as fodder is not being transported to farms, with some farmers deciding to cease operations completely as a result of the strike.

Thousands of truck drivers began their strike on Monday in protest at poor working conditions that have been worsened by the rise of petrol prices as a result of the Ukraine war.

The strikes are organised by the Plataforma para la defensa del sector de transporte de Mercancía por carretera which called for drivers to begin the strike at midnight on Sunday night in all parts of Spain with an estimated 85% of the nation’s truckers taking part in the industrial action.

Truckers have vowed to strike indefinitely until an agreement can be struck with the Spanish government to improve conditions.


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