IBERIA has suspended all flights to Shanghai in a response to the deadly Coronavirus outbreak.

It is the only destination the British-Spanish airline flies to in China.

The suspension comes after the World Health Organisation labelled the flu-like virus as ‘very high risk’ in China, where the virus broke out, in Wuhan.

The flights will be stopped from this Friday, when the next flight was planned.

No flights to Shanghai will take off from Spain in February.

Customers with tickets have been offered refunds or the possibility to change their fly date.

Iberia is contacting other airlines to try and help passengers who must return to Shanghai to work or live.

The company said it will be constantly monitoring the situation and will extend the suspension if possible.

It added that the safety of its employees and passengers were paramount.

It comes as British Airways, owned by the same parent company, has also cancelled all flights to and from China.

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