A MAN has been placed in isolation in Malaga due to possible infection of the deadly Coronavirus. 

According to Europa Press, the unnamed man may have been in contact with people from Wuhan, in China, the epicentre of the contagion.

Health authorities told media the man was admitted to the emergency room at the Hospital Regional de Malaga on Wednesday.

The individual was presenting flu symptoms.

He has been placed into isolation after it was revealed he had been in contact with people from Wuhan.

He will remain isolated until the test results return.

Meanwhile, hospital staff have implemented isolation protocols in line with the General Directorate of Public Health.

The new potential case comes after a Wuhan football team arrived to Malaga today.

Health authorities assured the public that the members and coaches were not carrying the virus and had been 1000km away from the epicentre when the virus broke out.

There is no indication that the football team is linked to the individual in isolation.

The virus death toll has reached at least 132 while thousands across Asia, the US and Europe are infected.


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