ONLY a third of the electric scooter fines in Malaga have been paid.

In 2019, 1,378 fines were handed out for improperly parked electric scooters – but only 385 of those were paid.

That constitutes to just 28% of fines.

This is the first attempt by the mayor to control the phenomenon of electric scooters in Andalucia’s second biggest city.

Parking said scooters in pedestrian areas and/or outside the designated spaces results in a €200 penalty.

Most of these fines however aren’t addressed to the individuals renting them, but to the companies hiring them out.

This comes after the town hall introduced a new law in October 2019, to clamp down on the reckless and disorderly use of the scooters in the city.

The regulations meant that the controversial means of transport were banned from pavements, promenades and the city’s central historic area, and could only be used in bike lanes and on regular roads meant for vehicles.

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