THE INTRODUCTION of plans to regulate “illegal homes” have been given an extension to the end of 2021.

Vicente Garcia, the general director of Urban Planning, announced the extended reprieve during his visit to Redovan, in the Alicante region, on January 29.

New building regulations are expected from the Spanish central government, and the aim is to ensure all authorities have time to adapt.

José Nájar, city mayor said, “given the difficulty and the technical problems that the city councils are having for the processing of this management plan.”

Authorities estimate more than 400 properties are affected in the municipality, with more than 350,000 throughout the Valencian Community.

Last week, we reported that ‘Abusos Urbanísticos No Murcia’ will be arranging public meetings in neighbouring Murciana to work with administrative and political parties to look for ‘basic and rapid solutions’ for those that have bought homes considered ‘illegal’.

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