MANILVA town hall is set to demand the lifting of the toll along the Costa del Sol.

The western Costa town will be preparing a proposal as a priority for its next meeting on February 6.

It comes after years of complaints from Manilva residents – including a huge British population – that the A-7 road gets too busy because people are avoiding the toll road.

Manilva town hall believes lifting the toll will see the accident rate along the A-7 decrease.

It also believes it could help any future plans to create a railway line from Manilva to Estepona, Marbella and Malaga.

The desire to make the AP-7 road free comes after several other toll roads were abolished from January 1 this year.

These included the AP-4 between Sevilla and Cadiz and AP-7 between Tarragona, Valencia and Alicante.

The AP-7 along the Costa del Sol is one of the most used, particularly in summer.

Spanning 82km it costs travellers €12.60 in peak season, with another €3.30 added for the extra 20km up to Guadiaro, in the Campo de Gibraltar.

Currently the toll is set to remain in place until 2054.

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