A HOMELESS man has been praised after taking a handbag he found containing €1,500 to the police. 

The unnamed 51-year-old found the bag on Saturday night in the busy Plaza de la Constitucion in Vigo, Galicia.

According to Policia Nacional, the bag’s owner had just been paid while their wallet, various documents and other personal items were also feared lost.

Luckily, the homeless man, who police said had ‘no financial resources’ or a roof over his head, took the bag to the police station.

Social media users have praised the unsung hero online, saying that he should have been rewarded.

“I hope he received some good payment and not just thanks!” one wrote.

Others said the owner of the bag was lucky that someone homeless found it.

“They were lucky someone homeless found the bag,” one said, “if it had been a politician they would have lost their money.”

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