Fog Sabinillas
Fog hits Sabinillas in a millenia-old phenomenon

MUCH of the Costa del Sol has experienced a thick fog today. 

In areas like Sabinillas, Manilva, it was so bad this morning that drivers were warned to take extra caution due to the low visibility.

The phenomenon is known as the taró, a word of Phoenician origin which refers to the sea fog.

For thousands of years, and probably longer, the dense fog occurs like clockwork at this time of year and at the beginning of summer.

It is triggered by a warm south-southeast wind which sweeps the surface of the sea, which is cold.

This causes mass condensation of water, forming a low-hanging fog.

In general terms, it is effectively caused by the difference in temperature between the sea’s surface and a much warmer wind.

The fog also causes humidity to increase, in some parts to as high as 95%.

And because the wind is weak, the mass of fog tends to move slowly and therefore hangs around longer.

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