EUROSTAR bosses have announced that they’re planning to expand throughout western Europe, including Spain.

One of the journies planned for the train company would connect London St Pancras International to Barcelona.

The projected travel time between the two cities is around six and a half hours, based on calculations of speed, distance and existing train times.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We are fully committed to expanding international rail routes as a Government – and Eurostar is too.

“Among those destinations mentioned to be added in the future is Bordeaux, Spain, Portugal.”

This new venture is pencilled in to be introduced once the planned merger with Franco-Belgian high-speed train firm Thalys comes into effect in 2021.

The company wants to directly compete with low-cost airlines that offer cheap city breaks.

The train is seen as a more environmentally attractive option for eco-friendly travellers who are concerned about the harmful impact of flying.

This comes after the announcement that the first Amsterdam to London service was officially launched.

Currently the furthest the Eurostar takes you is to the south of France, which is around 800 miles from London.

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