TWO people have been trapped in the Basque Country because of a landslide.

No signs of life however have yet to be found from the two missing people.

The landslide cut the AP-8 motorway in both directions, which connects Bilbao with San Sebastian.

The incident occurred in Zaldibar, between the towns of Ermua and Eibar.

Emergency services originally started looking for the two people that were trapped as a result but have now had to temporarily suspend their search because of the presence of asbestos.

Josu Zubiaga,  Deputy Minister of Security of the Basque Government, said: “They have detected a large amount of asbestos from the collapse deposit.”

He continued on to say that a decision will be made later on today about whether the search will be resumed and what actions need to be taken.

The landslide has caused a spill of more than half a million cubic meters of industrial waste, including asbestos, over the valley that flows into the highway.

This spill has managed to cover an area of 30 metres wide.

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