RESIDENTS in Coin have been protesting against the opening of a new quarry.

There are plans to open a controversial new dolomite quarry in the mountains near the town, and the people of Coin have joined together to fight it.

Around 500 people attended a demonstration against the proposal, organised by a citizen’s protest group called Salva Tu Sierra.

The scheme is currently still at the public consultation stage, but the group will formally lodge objections to the scheme.

Spokesman of the group, Juan Jose Avila, read a non-political statement, citing environmental and health reasons for opposing the scheme.

The site is also located close to a prestigious farm school, visited by thousands of children and teachers each year, which according to Avila would be forced to close.

The group describes the project as a ‘crime’ and argues that residents have been protesting for decades at the ‘unbearable’ dust particles in the air near the existing quarries.

Avila also urged all political parties to back their campaign, adding that the group isn’t in favour of closing the existing quarries, but just to make sure that they aren’t breaking any laws.

The mayor of Coin, Francisco Santos, has said that the town hall is also studying the legal measures it can take against the project.

This isn’t the first time the people of Coin have protested against the opening of new quarries.

In 2011, a company called Prodomasa wanted to extend the El Puntal quarry by 70 hectares.

But the initiative created intense political controversy in the town, with critics saying it would damage both the environment and people’s health.

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