A BRITISH mum whose toddler walked along a 25-metre ledge while she was ‘in the shower’, has had a legal probe against her dropped.

A judge in Spain told the woman and her husband that they wouldn’t be prosecuted after the near-death experience in Tenerife.

It comes after footage of the pair’s young daughter tottering along a wall 82 feet above the ground went viral.

The shocking video shows the girl climbing out of the window of the fourth floor family apartment in Playa Paraiso, Adeje on January 4.

She then scurries along the thin ledge before reaching a balcony, where she doubles back on herself and hops back through the window.

Investigating judge Daniel Pedro Alamo Guzman interviewed the mum and the dad, who was not thought to be at home at the time.

In a statement he said that the couple did not show ‘criminal’ intent and the incident was a ‘one-off’.

The mother who was ‘affected’ by the incident reportedly said that it had happened in a matter of seconds, while the father was running an errand.

The pair also said they had put safety latches on the windows before the near-accident, as a precaution.

Spanish paper ABC claims the mother is British and the husband used an Estonian passport, while the Sun cites sources, claiming both parents are Finnish.

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