MORE than 30,000 farmers have called for mobilisation in protests that will affect several major roads.

The protests are expected to start in Seville around 11am this morning affecting the A-4, A-49, A-92 and the old AP-4.

Specifically, on the A-4, traffic will be cut in the direction of Madrid, in the municipality of Carmon.

Closures will also take place on A-49 in the direction of Seville, starting from exit number 16, at Benacazón, until exit 14, at Umbrete.

Traffic on the A-92 will also be affected at 11am at Aguadulce, in the vicinity of the El Caserío Service, due to tractors and other agricultural machinery heading in the direction of Malaga.

While, the former AP-4 will be affected until around 2pm closing kilometres 53 and 54 of the old toll highway, at Lebrija, towards Cádiz.

The protest taking place will demand a future ‘worthy’ of the agricultural sector.

These demonstrations are part of the national mobilisation campaign in which the Spanish countryside has been immersed since January 28, and has already taken thousands of farmers from Almería, Málaga, Córdoba, Cádiz, Granada and Jaén to the streets.

There are also many companies in the agricultural sector that will close today to participate in the agricultural strike called in parallel to the mobilisations.

The factories of Agrosevilla, the SCA Agropecuaria de Herrera and the Cooperativa San Sebastián, among many others, have already announced that their facilities will not open on Tuesday 25.

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