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TROUBLE: In the skies

FLIGHTS from Italy will continue to arrive in Malaga today with no strict protocols in place to detect for coronavirus. 

Two flights will arrive from both Rome and Milan as the country continues to battle its outbreak which has seen at least 218 infected and seven killed.

But while for two weeks now temperatures of passengers have been recorded at Italian airports, there has been no similar protocol introduced at Malaga airport.

While much of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy has been confined to the north of the country, a new case has been confirmed in the south today in Sicily, according to El Mundo.

It comes after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told travel agencies yesterday that there are ‘no specific restrictions on travel to Italy.’

Five flights arrived from Italy yesterday and it was business as usual, although several passengers were donning masks.

An emergency meeting between Spain’s health bodies is being held today which may introduce stricter measures at ports and airports.

Italy is one of the top 10 tourism markets for Spain and one of the biggest growing factions of tourists on the Costa del Sol.

Last year the number of Italian visitors to Malaga increased by 9.3% to 340,709.

Experts point out it is too early to know the economic impact of the coronavirus but it is already raising concerns in the tourism industry.

In the UK, anyone arriving from northern Italy who has flu-like symptoms has been told to self-isolate.

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