The disgraced 79-year-old singer has had his next performance cancelled by Spain’s Ministry of Culture, as he battles allegations by fellow performers and assistants of sexual misconduct.

The Government made its position clearly known by banning the singer
from the performance of operetta Luisa Fernanda at the Zarzuela Theatre
in Madrid on May 14 and 15, pledging its support for the women who have
been affected by the allegations.

The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music also stood behind
the women by condemning ‘all types of harassment, abusive and dominating behaviour.’

According to the investigation, over 25 singers, dancers, musicians,
voice teachers and backstage staff said they witnessed or experienced
incidents over a period of over 20 years.

A first investigation by the American Guild of Musical Artists found the
singer guilty of abusing his power and acting inappropriately towards
female colleagues.

A second investigation, which is still in progress, by the LA Opera
association is continuing to interview female staff and has been
instrumental in the decision by the Spanish Government in its decision
to cancel the performer.

A number of other scheduled performances are also in question, including
a rendition of La Traviata at the Teatro Real in May.

Director of the theatre Jose Maria Noguerol has confirmed that there are
discussions taking place but could not elaborate further.

The 2020 Salzburg Festival has also requested the findings from the
current investigation as they consider the singers position at the show.

“The Salzburg Festival intends to obtain comprehensive information on
the investigations currently underway in the U.S. before it considers
further steps, and will then inform the press of its decision,”
organizers said in a statement.

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