THE Valencian Community’s first coronavirus patient has said he feels ‘f**king brilliant’ as he told his family ‘not to worry’ about him.

The 31-year-old in isolation at the La Plana hospital in Vila-real, in Castellón province, yesterday sent voice messages to his loved ones telling them his illness was just like a ‘common flu’ and ‘all is under control’.

He added his symptoms were minor and being treated purely with paracetamol.

“I will be isolated in the hospital for 14 or 15 days, probably less, because the flu is very weak, according to my experience,” the man said, according to Las Provincias.

“It’s like a normal flu, only under strict control due to the pandemic, but not for anything else.

“I’m sending a message of tranquility to everyone, because I feel f**king amazing, and please don’t worry. I love you all very much.”

The man had visited Milan on a trip to celebrate a stag do, before falling ill and attending the Vila-real hospital on Tuesday. Tests confirmed he was the first patient in the Valencian Community with the virus.

It comes as the Valencian region’s second confirmed coronavirus patient, 44-year-old journalist Kike Mateu, said he too felt ‘perfect’.

“Out of responsibility, I went to the doctor and I was referred to the hospital to get tested,” Mateu, who covered a Valencia CF football match in Milan last week, said.

“In truth, the symptoms I have would not prevent me from going to work, but I did the tests for pure responsibility.

“Nobody be alarmed, I’m perfect.”

Currently there are 82,588 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the world, with 2,814 deaths. This makes a death rate of 3%.

The death rate is much higher, at 14.8%, for patients aged over 80  –according to a paper from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC).

For coronavirus º or covid-19 – patients under 50, the death rate falls dramatically to between 0.2-0.4%.

The death rate is also much lower for patients with no history of cardiovascular disease, at 0.9%, compared to patients with pre-existing conditions, at 10.5%.

There are currently 15 confirmed coronavirus cases in Spain.

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