ATTENDANCE in Spanish cinemas has grown by 37% in the last six years.

According to a report by the Federacion de Cines de Espana (Fece), the number of cinema tickets sold since 2013 has grown by 37% to 105.5 million in 2019.

2013 was the worst year of the last decade for sales, with only 76.9 million being bought.

The figures since then however reveal a constant growth.

Last year had 7.7 million more ticket sales, in comparison to 2018.

This trend however transcends Spain, with the EU as a whole selling 1.07 billion tickets in 2019, the best figure since 2004.

That figure provided by the European Audiovisual Observatory represents a 5.5% increase compared to 2018.

Europe as a whole sold 1.31 billion cinema tickets, an unprecedented amount for the last two decades.

57.8% of Spanish residents go to the movies at least once a year and each Spaniard visits the cinema on average 2.2 times per year, less than France (3.1), but more than Italy (1.6) and Germany (1.5).

Fece also reports a decrease of 9% in ticket prices over the last decade, with an average price of €5.91, €0.08 less than 2018.

That’s lower than the EU average of €6.28.

The most watched film in Spain last year was The Lion King, with revenues of €37.21 million and 6.39 million tickets sold.

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