TWO young Alicante men were arrested for cheating and representing others during the theory part of their driving exam, earlier this month.

The men, one living in Callosa de Segura and the other in Redován, were charged with the falsifying of official documents, as one was about to start the other’s test at the Provincial Traffic Department of Alicante.

The “candidate” showed them the ID of his accomplice, but suspicions were further raised when NIE numbers did not correspond.

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CHEAT: Fraudster caught with hidden cameras

The Guardia Civil press release did say, however, that the two did look alike – despite one being from Algeria, the other from Morocco.

Records show attempted crimes are commonplace at the testing centre.

Indeed, a total of six other people have been caught cheating using hidden cameras and earpieces in the last 3 months.

All were expelled from the examination.

Agents remind the public that such actions should be taken seriously, as other drivers and pedestrians are put “at serious risk” when licences are obtained illegally.

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