TECH company FNAC has been left red faced after selling €700 mobile phones for just €125 online.

The retail giant made the costly error on its online store, while advertising the brand new Huawei P30 Pro for just €139, and €124 for loyalty card holders.

Eagle-eyed consumers were quick to take advantage of the apparent ‘bargain’ and snapped up the phone, with nearly 13,000 orders for 18,500 units in the space of a few days.

The error in pricing was picked up by the chain and was quickly removed, with orders being revoked and messages sent to consumers explaining the situation and full refunds given.

A spokesman for FNAC explained that the difference in price was clearly a typo due to the disproportionate savings and that the public should have been cautious of such a reduction.

However the National Consumer Arbitration Board of Spain disagreed, and insisted that the retailer must fulfill the orders or if there is no stock, an alternative model must be supplied with a similar saving.

The board said: ‘The consumer confidence is paramount for the development of electronic commerce and therefore an intense diligence of companies is required by monitoring and controlling their sales management systems.”

Spanish law falls on the side of the consumer, and eliminates consumers for all responsibility of retailer management and administrative errors.

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