ENERGY Drink giant and leader in extreme sports events Red Bull has announced its calendar for the 2020 UCI World Pumptrack Championship Qualifiers and will bring the world tour to Spain this May.

The event will see the best riders in the world descend on the town of

With a population of just 1,700 people it is situated deep in the Guadalajara mountains just 45 minutes from Madrid.

One of the unique aspects of the event will be that almost anyone can enter and potentially gain their place in the Championship finals.

All that is needed is a UCI race licence which can either be issued at the start of the season or a day licence can be purchased on the day of the event.

The world tour has seen events take place across the globe, visiting South America, the States, New Zealand as well as a comprehensive tour of Europe.

The new course was designed and built by Claudio Calouri and his team at Velo Solutions

The event is organized by Red Bull on the newly created sports facility in the town of Chiloeches.

Situated adjacent to the recently refurbished Municipal Sports Centre, the track was designed and built by legendary Swiss track builders Velosolutions.

Coming fresh from the United States in April, the circus arrives in Spain on May 9 before moving into Biberach, Germany two weeks later.

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