Words by Isha Sesay, Olive Press reporter

INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day marks an important opportunity to mobilise global action to achieve the human rights of all women.

Today, not a single country can claim to have achieved gender equality as a countless number of obstacles remain unchanged both in law and in culture.

The fact that there is still so much basic work to be done for women across the world makes me fundamentally saddened, but at the same time full of hope.

For this reason, International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the work that still remains with the knowledge that many women continue to be undervalued, unheard and excluded from society. 

It is a day to remind us to look beyond our borders, our bodies and our race, and to recognise the power of difference in each woman’s story. 

But most importantly, we must continue to listen, amplify and fight in solidarity for voices that are more disadvantaged than my own. 

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