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What Women’s Day means to three generations of strong Spanish women

THREE generations of strong Spanish women give their views on International Women's Day; one who escaped the Francoist regime, a second-generation child who returned...

PURPLE WAVE: International Women’s Day events go ahead in Valencia city despite COVID

NEITHER the coronavirus nor the rain that fell on most of the Valencian Community yesterday (March 8) could put a damper on this year’s...

Exclusive interview: How Spain’s K-9 units are taking on female handlers and training guard dogs to protect women from...

K9s have become a major part of law enforcement in the past several years and are frequently used to track missing people in search-and-rescue...

International Women’s Day: Show me a woman who doesn’t have balls!

Fortunately, journalism offered equal opportunities – female and male reporters alike were sent off to cover football

International Women’s Day: I am celebrating kind, clever and passionate women

This International Women’s Day I will take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge all the successful, kind, clever, and passionate women I know

International Women’s Day: Women have to work harder

Changes are happening but there is still a long way to go

International Women’s Day: Still work to be done

I see a future where International Women’s Day is no longer celebrated... because there is no longer a need

New York suffragettes, Charing Cross station and Annie Lennox – the surprising history of International Women’s Day

International Women's Day (IWD) has been observed since the early 1900's - a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialised world

International Women’s Day: We sit down with a feisty Franco survivor honoured for her heroics in fascist, male-dominated Spain

‘TO tell a woman everything she cannot do, is to tell her what she can’ is a Spanish proverb that perfectly fits Isabel Marquez...

International Women’s Day: A man told me I would ‘ruin the place’

I was fighting hard against the glass ceiling

International Women’s Day: We only ask for equality

The fight continues in 2020 for a just and fair society where, as females, all we want is to be seen and treated as equals

International Women’s Day: My advice? Never give up

I don’t want special treatment as a woman, just to have my business acumen acknowledged and my viewpoint respected

EXCLUSIVE: Spain’s Rosa Pich, a mum of 18 children, has THIS advice on International Women’s Day

“The future of young women now looks very bright,“ she told the Olive Press

Over a century after International Women’s Day first started, Karen Livermore asks, are things really any better in 2020?

Let's celebrate us and what we have achieved and what we can continue to achieve. There’s still a lot to do

Estepona women to take to the streets in march for rights on International Women’s Day

The commission encourages women to take to the streets on March 8 to bring visibility to the struggle for their rights

International Women’s Day: Strong role models

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a feminist, but I am independent and I know my self worth, and would encourage every man, woman and child to do the same

International Women’s Day: Women don’t want to stand behind men

Our predecessors fought for us and opened doors for us. I think as women we don’t always praise ourselves enough

International Women’s Day: A time for reflection and hope

It is a day to remind us to look beyond our borders, our bodies and our race, and to recognise the power of difference in each woman’s story

International Women’s Day: We needed to change the work culture

Besides talent, women bring skills to business that complement those of men

Cosmetics firm in Spain launches vegan lipstick in violet for International Women’s Day

The 100% vegan lipstick has been designed for the traditional demonstrations of International Women’s Day on March 8

Anarchy, Andalucia and free women: How women in Spain plotted to bring down the patriarchy

Women in Andalucia were some of the first in Spain to join the fight against General Franco, writes Jack Gaioni

‘MORALLY INDEFENSIBLE’: Gibraltar should have abortion that is ‘safe, free and legal’, say UK experts

“They shouldn’t be placed in jail for trying to exercise control over their own bodies.”

Women across Spain protest on International Women’s Day as political parties clash over feminism

Last year the numbers of women protesting on March 8 in Spain reached 5.3 million, according to unions

Spain’s most inspiring expat women

INTERNATIONAL Women's Day, March 8, celebrates the achievements of women globally and is a call to action for implementing gender parity. To commemorate the day,...

One in every three Spanish women has felt sexually harassed

Some 80% of female and male respondents also believe Spain is a predominantly sexist society

Nationwide strike set to mark International Women’s day across Spain

SPANISH women are being urged to make a stand and strike, to mark International Women's day on March 8. In a bid to show that...





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