Words by Cristina Hodgson, Olive Press reporter

“AN equal world is an enabled world, I look to the future and believe that one day it will be.

“In this equal world, I no longer have to tell my daughter to be careful and not walk home alone. I tell my daughter that she is free to dance and not to worry about attracting attention for smiling, for laughing and for loving. I tell her that she can achieve anything she wants, that no-one will stop her. 

“I see a world where when a woman achieves a historic landmark, a scientific breakthrough, an outstanding achievement, it becomes news because the accomplishment is important for humanity, not just because it has been achieved by a woman.

“I see a future where International Women’s Day is no longer celebrated, not because it is no longer important, rather because there is no longer a need.

“A place that is no longer considered a man’s world, neither is it a woman’s world. It is world that belongs to the human race and to every creature to inhabit it. Where equality is no longer a fight, but a reality.

“But until then, International Women’s Day is fundamental in Spain and all over the world to highlight that there is still work that needs to be done.”

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