Words by Belinda Beckett, freelance writer and Olive Press columnist

“I GREW up in 1960s Britain when ‘women’s libbers’ were mocked as bra burning lesbians who cultivated underarm hair and slept with a copy of Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch under their pillow. 

“Fortunately, journalism offered equal opportunities – female and male reporters alike were sent off to cover football, darts and dustmen’s strikes, although only the women were forced to brave barrages of blue ‘humour’ to get their story. We were expected to be ‘adult’ about wandering hands and ‘show us your tits’ quips but not considered grownup enough to open a bank account without our father’s or husband’s signature! 

“Thanks to the Sisterhood, we’ve moved on. Harvey Weinstein’s recent conviction is another giant step for womankind on the rocky road to equality and perfect timing for International Women’s Day. As for female eunuchs, there’s no such thing. Show me a woman who doesn’t have balls!”

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