This week, I am removing my Javea Connect hat and becoming a little more fruity with you all!

When I say ‘fruity’, I am actually quite fruit specific… a banana, to be exact.

Please bear with me as this story will get to the point, but I need to go back in time a little: three years ago to be pretty precise.

So, in 2017, a post appeared on the Javea Connect group, asking who might like to get together and form an amateur dramatic group.

The idea at the time was geared toward The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a movie I had only seen once (partially), had not understood what the hell was going on BUT.. I did know how to ‘Timewarp’ from parties back in the 70’s, when I was young and I could dance for more than 10 minutes without having to call an ambulance.

Nevertheless, I duly commented on the post that I could ‘do the Timewarp’ and, from then on, my life changed dramatically ( s’cuse the pun).  


From that day on, I never looked back. About 25 people gathered in Javea one Sunday afternoon and it did not take long for many of us to click. Although we had no name at the time, Bananadrama had been born!

Three years later, we are not so much a drama group, as a family. People have come and gone, as will always happen, but there is a core team who put their heart and soul into the shows for no financial reward whatsoever. Now, I cannot imagine life without them. 

The Bananas have already raised around 9,000 euros for Cancer Care and Help of Dama and now the latest show Adrian is about to hit Alcalali Broadway next week. (Click here for more info.)

Now, I hear you all say ‘Never heard of it’… well no, you probably haven’t. But believe me, it is a very funny script, that revists your most cherished pantomime stories, except now Pinocchio’s a bratty teenager, Wee Willie Winkle’s in court for disturbing young children and Bo Peep’s just realised that shepherding isn’t her passion in life.

So please, if you want a very different night out, do come along and support our bunch of Bananas. And if there is anyone out there who would like to join us in the future, we always need new people. 

It matters not if you have never set foot on stage before (many of us had not) all you need is a sense of fun, team spirit and can be free most Saturday afternoons. 

Slip over and see us next week at Careline Theatre or you can get in touch with the group on Facebook (What’s On With Bananadrama).

Facebook page:

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