Words by Hannah Murray, Daybreak presenter on Talk Radio Europe (TRE) Breakfast show

“INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day 2020 is marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality. I was asked to put some words together about being a ‘successful woman’ working in a creative industry.

“Immediately, I was nervous about describing myself as ‘successful’. People can be very quick to criticise women (particularly) who “big themselves up”. Are we any closer to being able to acknowledge our strengths as well as our weaknesses without coming across as big headed?

“As the International Women’s Day movement has grown stronger over the years, I’m sure it must have put a lot of unnecessary pressure on employers to “balance out’ the work place. My hope is that women are given jobs (and keep them) because they are the best person for that role, and not to feed the need for more females in that particular industry. I believe that at Talk Radio Europe we have a fair representation of both sexes on radio, who are all there because of their own talents.

“This International Women’s Day I will take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge all the successful, kind, clever, and passionate women I know, and try and see myself in the same light without cringing!”

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