THE Andalucian Parliament has proposed a law to recognise, protect and highlight the importance of the gypsy population’s role in flamenco.

The drafting of such a law was approved yesterday by the Andalucian Parliament and has been supported by the five parliamentary groups.

Andalucia is the heartland of Flamenco, an artistic expression fusing song, dance and musicianship.

Flamenco Group Performance
CULTURE: Gypsies’ role in flamenco has finally been recognised by the Andalucian Parliament

The proposed law aims to support the gypsy population and the role they play in flamenco. 

Additionally, a principal objective is to include the subject ‘Flamenco’ in the Andalucian education system, a commitment already made to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Female Flamenco Dancer
FLAMENCO: Is also included as a subject in Andalucian schools

The inclusion of ‘Flamenco’ as an official subject in the Andalucian educational system means the preparation of academic text books and a collaboration of gypsy artists to impart their knowledge during school hours.

The gypsy population has a ‘central role’ in the birth and current formation of flamenco.

The law will aim to protect the gypsy population, acknowledging them as one of the main creators of flamenco in Andalucia.

Flamenco is the badge of identity of numerous communities and groups, in particular the Gitano (Roma) ethnic community, which has played an essential role in its development. 

Since November 16, 2010, flamenco is officially a universal art form where its cultural values are recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

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