CORONAVIRUS is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, no matter where you are.

The outbreak started in December but it was not until last week when it hit Italy, that everyone started freaking out. 

Yes, it’s a lot closer to home and the number of patients are increasing constantly, but people don’t need to stress as much as they are doing.

It’s definitely more serious than a simple virus because it’s something new that the World Health Organization (WHO) needs to get its head around, but so far it has only killed 2% of those who have caught it.

Those most prone to dying are older and therefore more vulnerable.

Could it have been contained better at the start? Of course, but that’s not the average Asian person’s fault and it doesn’t give people the excuse to be racist just because you may think every Asian has the virus or because they should have self-quarantined.

Is the world going to survive this? Of course it is, and the mask manufacturing-companies will have made billions in the meantime.

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