Words by Maura Hillen, illegal homes campaigner

“I THINK it’s a good idea to celebrate anybody who’s working on behalf of their community, but I understand the need for International Women’s Day,” says the President of AUAN (Abusos Urbanisticos Andalucia No).

“I see myself as a leader, but it’s up to other people to decide if I’m inspirational.

“There are a lot of women killed in Spain as a result of domestic violence, there’s a certain amount of machismo in the culture.

“I think it’s decreasing, but it’s still an issue, and I have seen studies to suggest that young men view themselves as superior to women.

“I grew up in a traditional society in Ireland and had strong female role models.

“I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a feminist, but I am independent and I know my self worth, and would encourage every man, woman and child to do the same.”

Maura has lived in Albox since 2007 with her partner John and three podencos William, Grace and Jack (named after hit TV show Will and Grace).

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