THE Young Feminist Commission arose at the end of 2019 from the need to create awareness of feminism to the young women of Estepona and will be will be holding marches and gatherings for International Women’s Day.

The commission encourages women to take to the streets on March 8 to bring visibility to the struggle for their rights.

The group explains that in the three previous waves of feminism, “women have achieved rights such as: the right to vote, contraceptive freedom, freedom to open a bank account without a man, work outside the home, among many others.”

However, “it is necessary that young people go out to the street to demonstrate for the rights that we still have to conquer such as the freedom to go down the street without fear of being attacked, raped and / or killed, to have equal opportunities when accessing work, equal pay and not paying luxury taxes on hygiene products.”

Estepona Feminists 1
VISIBILITY: A call to act for women’s rights

As of March 3, there have been “21 femicides committed in Spain and there is no basis to argue that there have been 21 crazy men. There have been 21 men who have decided to take life, a fundamental right of a woman.”

The group will be meeting on Sunday at 12pm at Plaza Blas Infante and again in the afternoon at 6pm at Plaza Antonia Guerrero to start marching at 7pm. 

The march will return to the starting point where a manifesto will be read that will end the day of demonstration for women’s rights. 

The group will also hold open discussion tables, debates, talks and conferences, as well as activities on other intersectional issues such as environmentalism throughout the year.

For more information on the group go to or @comisionjovenesfeministas on Instagram.

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