THE Policia Local of Molina de Segura have received dozens of calls from terrified residents after a large ‘lion’ was spotted.

The beast was seen wandering across a garden area in the town and even
strode close by to nearby homes.

The police posted a photo of the incident on their Twitter account on Saturday morning.

The large Mastine was shaved to look like a lion

An accompanying statement read: “Several notices have been received this
morning alerting that a lion had been seen loose in the garden area.”

Officers arrived and tracked down the animal and quickly discovered that
it was simply a large dog with its fur shaved to resemble a lion.

The pooch, is a large mastine breed popular with farmers and rural homes
for their large appearance, yet gentle nature.

The pet was scanned for a microchip and later reunited with its owner nearby.

It is not clear why the dog was shaved to look such a way but it certainly caused a panic among neighbours.

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