ANDALUCIA has been found to be the region with the most active cases of missing people, with a total of 2,234.

A study by the Annual Report of Missing People in Spain 2020 registered a total of 202,259 reports of missing people from 2010 to 2019.

Of this total, 5,529 are still active cases and a large part are in Andalucia. 

Cadiz, Malaga, Granada and Almeria are the regions with the highest number of active cases.

Of these provinces Cadiz has the most cases with 864, Granada 321, Malaga 292 and Almeria 262.

The cases in Andalucia equate to 30 missing people per 100,000 inhabitants across the region. 

Las Palmas along with these four provinces also has the highest rate of missing children under 18 years of age in terms of population with more than 50 cases per 50,000 inhabitants.

The Comunidad Valenciana has the second highest number of missing people with 488 in total.

The report, compiled by the department of the National Centre of Missing People within the Ministerio de Interior states that 74% of the total cases in 2019 were withdrawn within 14 days as the majority return home voluntarily.

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