EL CAMPELLO’S famous Barranc d’Aigües Tower will soon be brought into public ownership to protect the 16th-century landmark from further damage.

The city council’s plans came from the mayor, Juanjo Berenguer, who was going to raise the issue this week, but for the Covid-19 restrictions.

Lloma De Reixes
COSTA BEAUTY SPOT: Lloma de Reixes

Once the crisis is over, both sides of the political arena in the coastal resort are expected to reach an agreement that should prevent further deterioration of the 16th century watchtower, located in Lloma de Reixes, 13 miles north of Alicante.

The tower’s current owners, the Frax Foundation, have been criticised for lack of maintenance and conservation.

Frax’s president, Matías Pérez Such, explained, “We are ready to discuss this issue and for our part, there will be no impediment.”

In 2018, a commission reported a €300,000 cost for a full refurbishment.

It is understood that the EU is prepared to provide finance to fund measures to save the Torre de Reixes.

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