IT’S time to fight back against the coronavirus – and you can do your bit. 

Anyone with a PC that has a dedicated graphics card can help researchers fight against the deadly pandemic. 

A research project has been set up using Folding@Home technology to harness the power of the world’s personal PCs into a supercomputer offering vast processing power. 

PC owners – whether it is an Apple, Windows or Linux-based model – can download software from the Folding@Home site. 

This allows spare GPU (graphics card) cycles of thousands of computers to simulate protein folding and computational drug design. 

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FIGHT BACK: People can help tackle coronavirus at home.

This capability is now being used to research COVID-19 by using simulations to investigate a protein’s ‘moving parts’. This will help scientists understand how the virus operates and hopefully help lead to a treatment. 

The project was founded in October 2000 at Stanford University in the USA with the aim of aiding research into diseases. 

Folding Home Team
DEDICATED: The Folding at Home Team.

It has been used to help researchers investigating cancer, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and other diseases. 

The simulations scientists use need massive computational power and the Folding@Home team now want to use the capabilities of home PCs around the world to tackle the coronavirus virus. 

To help, you can downloadthe software from the Folding@Home website.

While computers with a dedicated GPU are the only ones that can help COVID-19 simulations at the moment, the Folding@Home team is working on a CPU solution too, but no timeline has been given. 

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