Pablo Casado

PARTIDO Popular leader Pablo Casado has backed the sealing off of different regions to fight coronavirus. 

The conservative boss said today that he believes it is a ‘positive’ thing to restrict economic activity as much as possible in some autonomous communities.

It comes after Murcia, Andalucia, Castilla y Leon and Castilla-La Mancha have all made similar requests to Pedro Sanchez’s government in Madrid.

“We think that such measures must be looked at, as any measure which helps contain the spread of the epidemic is a positive,” said Casado during an e-press conference, “But that decision must be taken by the central government and take into account the requests made by the regions.”

Casado was answering questions electronically from journalists working at home.

“I prefer to be over cautious,” he added, “I support what the regional presidents have asked for and hope the government does not waiver when making decisions.

“Anything that results in the protection of residents is a positive.”

It comes after the president of Murcia Fernando Lopez Miras demanded the region be closed off yesterday.

Miras formally asked Madrid to stop all activities that are not essential for the survival and maintenance of the population.

“We have urged the government to take more measures, but we will remain loyal to the state of alarm,” he told press afterwards.

The decision to stop such activities can only be taken by the Ministry of Health, according to the royal decree which came into force last week.

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