CAR sales in Spain have fallen dramatically during the first week of lockdown.

According to data from the MSI Consultancy for the Federation of Automotive Dealers Associations (Faconauto), the number of sales fell by 85% this week, compared to the same week last year.

Only 4,169 units were sold during these seven days.

The reason why there were still sales being made during the first week of the lockdown, is the fact that these deals had already been closed and they were only waiting on certain paperwork to be processed.

According to Europa Press, only 2,457 cars were sold during that week to private buyers, which is 81.3% less than last year.

Sales of commercial vehicles were at 1,372, which represents a 83.5% decline.

Rental cars on the other hand suffered an even greater hit, with a 95.1% decrease, only renting out 340 vehicles.

The month of March as a whole so far has endured a 35.8% hit, with 41,565 sales.

A spokesperson for Faconauto told Europa Press: “We know that this is the price that must be paid to stop the pandemic and what we are doing is to start working so that, as soon as this exceptional situation ends, the automobile industry can recover a certain normality as soon as possible.”

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