TWO men have been arrested and charged with robbing a pharmacy and ramming the police to get away in Granada, Andalucia. 

The men aged 40 and 33 years old allegedly robbed the pharmacy in Ogijares at around 00:40 hours on March 24, leaving an officer injured when trying to flee. 

It was a waste collection employee who alerted the police that two hooded men had stolen from a pharmacy and fled in a vehicle. 

Guardia Civil mobilised units to the area and one of them spotted the vehicle on the A-44 driving at high speed towards Granada. 

Police tried to intercept and stop the vehicle but were unsuccessful. 

The driver then left the motorway at the La Chana exit where it encountered Policia Nacional police cars blocking its path, the driver decided not to stop and proceeded to ram one of the police cars. 

The two men, still wearing balaclavas and gloves then abandoned the car and tried to flee but were subsequently arrested. 

Two cash registers were found during a search of the car along with a backpack and the tools they allegedly used for the robbery. 

The police later found that the vehicle driven by the men was stolen in Almeria but had not yet been reported, as the owner being confined to home had not noticed the car missing. 

The men are also being investigated for three more robberies the previous day at a supermarket in Las Gabias, a hotel in Padul and a pharmacy in Ambroz. 

One of those arrested was previously arrested in February for another robbery, he was part of a criminal gang whose members had carried out 16 robberies in the towns or Armilla, Ogijares and Churriana de le Vega, where they stole more than 120,000 euros. 

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