A FREEZE on rental payments is being considered by Spain’s government to aid citizens affected during the coronavirus lockdown.

Unidos Podemos, the left-wing alliance in a ruling coalition with PSOE, have proposed the plans, seen by TVE.

The measures will benefit anyone with difficulties paying rent due to loss of employment, shorter hours, a layoff (ERTE) or caring for the sick.

For the self-employed and SMEs with a substantial drop in their income, the rental payments for an office or premises would also be included.

The economic impact of the measures and the estimated number of beneficiaries have not been calculated.

The proposed term of two months will allow for extensions until the month following the end of the alarm state.

To speed up the paperwork, an applicant’s right to the financial assistance will require simple documents or a statement that can be verified later.

For landlords, an economic compensation will be included in the proposal. In the case of those who have up to two properties, 100% of rent will be compensated, while those who have more than eight properties will receive 5%, according to TVE.

Landlords will also be prohibited from hiking up rents in the six months following the approval of the proposal.

More to follow…

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