THERE are now 42 people tested to have Covid-19 in Gibraltar, nearly double that of yesterday.

With 374 people having been tested, this latest increase brings the number of total cases recorded so far to 55.

After Olive Press questioning, the Director of Health revealed that this included not one, but two workers from the Elderly Residential Services (ERS) working at Mount Alvernia.

One of these was diagnosed at the last minute and did not make it into the daily count of Coronavirus victims.

“They had been working at the site for a week, and were identified and tested early on,” said Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

“The nurse had only been working on one floor, which is totally isolated and contained.

“There is no evidence of Covid-19 infections in any of the residents.

Of the 55 people in St Bernard’s Hospital today, only one has tested positive for Covid-19.

There are seven possible Covid patients awaiting their results, one in intensive care but in a stable condition.

“Can I remind everyone though that four-fifths of all infections have no symptoms,” said Director of Health, Sohail Bhatti.

“At most you will feel probably a bit dizzy with a tickle in your throat but really nothing serious.”

Locking down

There was concern when a worker on cruise liner Marella Dream anchored off Eastern Beach died while in Gibraltar waters.

Marella Dream

FEARS: The Marella Dream could have an outbreak of Covid-19 on its hands

Although it is unclear if they were infected, because the person had symptoms, the cruise liner was stopped from disembarking the body.

The TUI ship carrying over 1,500 passengers was then told to leave Gibraltar waters over fears there could be more people on board who were infected.

Picardo reported that, in agreement with the Opposition, ‘the extraordinary measures which limit your civil liberties’ would probably carry on all next week too.

He said that he is now considering a petition for on-the-spot fines by the Commissioner of Police.

“Our information is that people continue to be out and about many times unnecessarily.” said the Chief Minister.

“Please cooperate with us because we don’t want to further tighten the terms of the lockdown.”

Today, a man was arrested for obstructing police and taken to New Mole Police Station after refusing to go home.

With the 400 tests being carried out randomly the authorities hope to have a better idea of which areas and ages in Gibraltar are most affected by the pandemic.


He said that the Government of Gibraltar wished UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Minister for Health Matt Hancock a quick recovery from Coronavirus.

Picardo reported that he was happy ‘to help genuine working people’ with a lot of business applying for BEAT Covid business relief already.

The amount of children attending the makeshift school service has gone down again after the social lockdown.

Bayside School
DESERTED: A tenth of the children interested in attending schools last Friday have done so

After 1,332 children were registered last week, that number went down to 355 on Monday and only 155 turned up today Friday at the school buildings.

He said he was ‘very disappointed’ with this no show without warning and about the alleged theft from the GHA, if it was proven true.

“Those who work in the GHA are heroes, and do not to deserve to be tarnished by those who let us down in breach of trust,” said Picardo.

He said the Gibraltar Defence Police were now supporting the RGP with the Gibraltar Regiment and ‘Barbarians’ helping out with logistics at the Europa Point hospital.

The Chief Minister said that the whole idea of these restrictions was to keep the number of deaths down.

“The best and only vaccine we have today is your self-discipline,” he concluded.

“You must follow the rules of the social lockdown and the basic rules of hygiene.

“Wash your hands, catch it, bin it and kill it.”

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