TOP entertainers in the Costa Blanca have come together to rescue a memorial gig that was destined for the Coronavirus chop.

Using modern technology and an unshakeable community spirit, they’ve fought their battle against the lock-down to raise hundreds of euros for good causes.

Two of their colleagues, Grahame Alexander and Dean Alexanda, recently passed and a charity concert to honour and celebrate their lives was due to be held at the Villamartin Plaza, on Spain ‘s Orihuela Costa.

However, with Saturday’s event cancelled due to mobility restrictions, dozens of the region’s singers got together and moved the gig ONLINE.

The Facebook page, Live Lounge Costa Blanca, is hosting the event from 10am, with more than 25 entertainers donating their time and talent for free.

Grahame was a popular and respected throughout the region, well-known for his David Bowie tribute act.

Fundraiser Dean was Big Radio Spain’s morning presenter, and tragically passed in February whist preparing for a gig of his own.

The Olive Press chatted exclusively with some of the ‘admins’ from the site, who spoke warmly of both Grahame and Dean.

They also discussed performing online, and about the Coronavirus lock-down.

Bee Rumble is honouring the memory of Grahame by sporting her own tattoo of the musical icon.

She said both artists were “amazing”, with particularly fond memories of Dean covered in tinsel and standing on the tables at Bar Studz in Benimar, singing his heart out at his birthday party.

Debbie H admitted, “The Coronavirus has made me appreciate what freedoms we have all enjoyed, how health and well-being is so important, I hope we can all come through this more appreciative of what we have and the people around us,” said Debbie.

Lorna Michelle appreciates knowing that, “people on lockdown all over the world are given some enjoyment from us all entertaining.”

She is proud of her contribution on Saturday, admitting, “I’m doing this for a good reason.”

Rain O’Connor recalls her first day Big FM when Dean had a new set of lights delivered, and the studio was like a nightclub!

She says, “I hope people come out the other side of this staying positive and realising we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted we could all appreciate life a bit more.”

Melissa Jade remembers Dean as being, “full of smiles.”

The 21-year-old loves performing online because, “people from all over can watch, including my family and friends in the UK who haven’t seen me perform before.”

She’s proud to be a part of the Costa Blanca community of fellow entertainers because, “we’ve all pulled together and in some respects gotten close to people we may have barely known before – even though we’re in times of crisis I do feel that it’s bringing the world together.”

There will be a raffle associated with the concert, arranged by Villamartin Plaza.

The good causes are Apanee School for Disabled Children, San Jose Orphanage, The Franciscan Homeless Shelter and Little Pod Animal Association.

Details about how to contribute to the fundraising and gig times are all online at

If Olive Press readers know of any ways in which their community have got round the Coronavirus lockdown, please get in touch via

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