A RANDY couple have been told they could face a €30,000 fine after they had sex on a Costa del Sol beach.

The pair were caught mid-romp behind an Estepona chiringuito by two Policia Nacional officers on night time patrol.

The frolicking duo, a south American man and a Spanish woman, were apprehended and charged with public disorder.

They were also denounced under Royal Decree Law 4/2015 on Citizen Security, imposed in a bid to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

Under new guidelines they could be slapped with a fine of up to €30,000 for breaching quarantine.

The pair have now been included in the national database for cases of disobedience, as Spain tightens its lockdown restrictions.

It is not known if they are in a relationship.

The incident came just days after a woman was reported to have been fined for sunbathing in the Baños del Carmen in Malaga.

This is not the first time that someone has got in trouble for a ‘quarantine quickie’ either.

A couple in Madrid narrowly escaped with a ticking off after being caught having sex in their car. during lockdown, complaining that “they could find any privacy” in their busy home.

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