A RESCUE kitten has been named after Olive Press reporter, Simon Wade.

It came after our hardy hack ventured out during the lockdown to save a pregnant cat that walked into the Punta Prima apartment of expats Emma Filmer and Andy Rogers.

Emma contacted Suella Winston Campbell, manager of Big Red’s Animal Retreat in Almoradi.

However, getting the heavily-pregnant Tiggy to Almoradi wasn’t straightforward, thanks to Coronavirus lock-down restrictions – until cat-lover Wade came to the rescue.

After being taken to Big Red’s animal rescue centre late on Friday night, she quickly gave birth to four kittens – Pip, Mimi, Jess and Simon.

Big Red’s is run entirely on voluntary contributions, and is struggling even more than usual with caring for unwanted cats and dogs throughout the area.

Suella said, “People that normally feed stray cats and dogs whilst they’re out walking, aren’t able to do that any more due to the lock-down.”

“We’ve taken in two pregnant cats and a bitch that’s just had pups, too, so we’re definitely feeling the strain more than usual.”

Details of the care home and many more pictures of puppies and kittens can be found by clicking here.

If you can donate anything to help Suella, please go to https://www.paypal.me/bigredsanimals

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