THIS is the moment a ‘dangerous’ member of a drug trafficking group was busted by the Policia Nacional during a dramatic gunpoint raid in Barcelona.

The criminal gang, made up of nine men and three women, allegedly smuggled large quantities of cocaine from Barcelona into Mallorca.

Investigators say the narcotics were transported in a truck by ferry to the island which was then distributed to drug clans residing within the Son Banya shanty town in Palma.

The gang were considered as extremely dangerous by the police with evidence suggesting that they carried guns as a security measure to protect their drugs from being stolen.

An operation to bring down the criminals began in February when six people were caught attempting to bring a kilo of cocaine into the island.  

After more than a month of undertaking surveillance on the remaining members of the group, officers from the Policia Nacional travelled to Barcelona from Mallorca to carry out numerous raids across the city.

This resulted in the arrest of six alleged leaders of the gang and the seizure of a significant amount of cocaine and heroin.

A laboratory and drug paraphernalia to manufacture the narcotics were also uncovered as part of the operation.

Those arrested have been charged with drug trafficking and membership of a criminal gang.

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