AROUND 50 migrants have successfully entered Melilla illegally this morning from Morocco.

As reported by the local government, around 260 people tried to illegally cross the border, with around 50 of them being successful.

The majority of these are claimed to be sub-saharan migrants that travelled up to Morocco and were seeking to gain access into Europe.

This occurred at one of the most sensitive areas of the fence, near the airport, where members of the armed forces are deployed along with the Guardia Civil.

At least one Guardia Civil agent has been injured while trying to contain the group and two men have been successfully detained by the authorities.

According to the COPE radio station, four others have been transferred to the hospital because of injuries they had sustained.

The entry was attempted at around 5am, with this being the largest attempt since May 2019.

This comes after Ceuta – the other Spanish autonomous city in Africa – housed 264 Moroccans who were trapped in the city when the North African state shut its borders.


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