AN 88-year-old couple from Castilla-La Mancha who were both diagnosed with COVID-19, have both recovered and returned to their home together.

Jose Prieto Cerrudo and Guadalupe Matas Hernandez were married 65 years ago and always wanted a son, and in their quest for one ended up with seven daughters.

On March 4, Jose began to cough more than usual, raising the first alarms.

Four days later, on March 8, the family celebrated the couple’s 65 year wedding anniversary, with all seven daughters and their children attending the family home in Villanueva de la Torre.

Following this, Jose continued to have a fever and a headache, despite the antibiotics.

He eventually was taken to the hospital on March 14, where he tested positive for the virus.

His wife, Guadalupe went to live with one of the daughters in Madrid in order not to be alone.

However, she soon also developed symptoms and was admitted to the same hospital as her husband, having also tested positive for the pandemic.

The two were on different floors in the hospital, unable to be with each other during those troubling times, in order for their health not to deteriorate.

After 65 years of marriage however, it was very hard for them to be apart, especially for Jose, who as his daughter Rosi said to El Pais is ‘very cuddly and needs her to be with him.’

Their doctor, Jesus Lacasa also spoke to the Spanish paper and mentioned that ‘Guadalupe was ready to be discharged, but she replied that she would only go once Jose could as well.’

However, on March 30 both Jose – who turns 89 this month – and his wife Guadalupe were discharged and allowed to return to their home.

Yesterday they went out onto their window and posed for photographers together, both healthy and ready to carry on living their lives together side by side, as they have done for the past six and a half decades.

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