SHE has helped a doctor scramble back to the UK on one of Spain’s last outbound flights.

People have called her up to ask about supermarket opening times, helping vulnerable neighbours and even for translation assistance.

But the Olive Press’ friendly receptionist Bea has now embarked on her latest mission to help expats navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

After studying the government’s royal decrees, she reveals her top five tips, from walking the dog to going shopping:

1. You need to go back to the UK?

  • By Ferry: From Santander you will find ferries that go to the UK (there is a map of ferries going to UK)
  • By Plane: At the moment British Airways is flying to UK, please check flight on their website
  • Airports: Gibraltar, Malaga and Granada are operating with restrictions. Check their websites for info
  • Please be aware that you need to have your ticket as proof of your movements
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AT YOUR SERVICE: Bea has been helping people across Spain

2. Rules for shopping

  • Make less frequent and larger shopping trips, the recommendations are once a week, but maximum twice at the most
  • Please always ask for the receipt, as the police will request it to prove your movements
  • Normally in all supermarkets at the entrance it is obligatory to use disinfectant and gloves before entering
  • Only one person is allowed to go shopping. If there the journey requires two people, one must wait in the car

3. Trips by car

  • To prevent the risk of contagion it’s better to travel with only one person in the car
  • If there is a requirement to be accompanied, then the passenger should be in the back 

4. Walking dogs

  • You should try and keep within a maximum of 200 metres from your home
  • Clean up after your dog by picking up its poo and take a bottle of water mixed with soap as well

5. If you need to go to the bank

  • You need to know that only one person is allowed to go into the bank. You will need to wait for your turn on the street outside
  • Protect yourself physically as much as possible
  • We recommend to call the bank before, to know which paperwork you need for the enquires, and to avoid a second visit

We hope that all these tips help you and make for a better and easier confinement. If you need anything else please contact me on +34 951 273 575.


  1. First ferries from Santander are at the end of April and will be cancelled if there’s an extension to the lockdown.

    Why the government are not insisting that they run so that the ferries whop brought people to Spain now take them home is really not clear to me

    Location : You can't leave by Ferry
  2. “Lockdown” The clue is in the name. It means we shouldn’t mix. Be a bit difficult to ensure THAT on a ferry. Perhaps the crew might not be so keen on risking their necks for a bunch of selfish passengers? The admonition remains the same – STAY THE F*** AT HOME! Which in this case means, if you are here, damn well stay here!

    Location : malaga

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